I bought a Seamaster Professional 300 2532.80 wayyy back around Y2K, after I got a first big job. And then didn’t do much with watches for nearly 20 years. Now I’m starting a collection.

I recently bought another diver w a steel bracelet, so I’m thinking of putting a rubber strap on the Omega just to mix it up.

Does anyone have any suggestions for:

1) where to get an actual Omega one (I want the omega symbol on the buckle)
2) what style would be most appropriate on this watch (most “traditional”)
3) how best to measure the lug width when I don’t have a caliper, or look up the actual specs
4) any tips for not ruining the bracelet when I remove it - I know the pins for the links have little cylinder/sheaths on them, so I’d guess the lug pins do too

Sorry for any stupid questions. This is my first post, and first attempt at messing with a watch that was worth anything.