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    Seamaster Winding

    Hello !

    I am looking for advice on caring for my Seamasters. I currently own two, The 1000ft Seamaster Pro from Golden Eye and the Planet Ocean 2000ft Seamaster.

    I wanted to make sure these watches are well maintained, kept safe, and protected. I bought a watch winder online and I was wondering how I should manage the rotations of watches and at what point I should give it a rest from winding? I am very new to this so any advice is good advice for me. My watch winder is capable of holding two watches at a time, and rotates either clockwise, counterclockwise, or bi-directionally. I currently have it set to bi-directional rotation for 2 hours, rest for 3. And it repeats until I open the case to either replace a watch or pull one out. Please advise on the best rotation to ensure healthy movement! :)


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    Re: Seamaster Winding

    I believe the rotors are bi-directional. Note that using a watch winder will work the time pieces more and cause an earlier service interval.

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