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    Here's where I'm at. I don't think I could let any of these go. I recently read someone saying that selling watches to fund others is not a great idea, coz you usually end up wanting to buy them back again at a greater cost. I think this is what would happen in any of these cases.
    I should stop here but the AT 8500 is making itself known to me and my Mum recently praised me for not buying any watches in a while... which is basically permission - not that I need it, but you know what I mean...

    To make matters worse my brother asked me why I'd never considered a Rolex - again, adding to the 'excuse bank' haha. And just for fun I had a look on their forum - I tell you what those Sub C and GMT 2 are nice looking watches!

    Just out of interest... what watch would people deem a complimentary addition to this here gathering? HAGWE
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    Re: SOTC

    Nice and concentrated collection. Throw in an AquaTerra of any kind and it will be complete. Maybe add a vintage Constellation...just to make certain.
    Congrats on a nice mix of styles.

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    Re: SOTC

    Something with some color? My personal choice would be a Rolex Explorer II GMT (White Dial).

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    Re: SOTC

    Quote Originally Posted by TroyNVie View Post
    Something with some color? My personal choice would be a Rolex Explorer II GMT (White Dial).
    I agree...a lighter color or white dial. AT?

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    Re: SOTC

    Dress watch, different colour.
    Current line-up:

    Omega Seamaster 225580
    Omega Speedmaster 145.012 (1967 pre-moon)
    Omega Memomatic (vintage, 1970)
    Seiko Orange Monster
    Casio G-Shock GA-100
    Vintage Omega Seamaster (1960)
    Vintage Bulova Accutron Snorkel (early 70's)
    Vintage Wittnauer Electro-Chron (circa 1960)

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    Re: SOTC

    Quote Originally Posted by TroyNVie View Post
    Something with some color? My personal choice would be a Rolex Explorer II GMT (White Dial).
    Go on, you know you want to...

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    Re: SOTC

    That is a great looking collection calv1n, vintage, sporty, modern, iconic.

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    Re: SOTC

    I'm thinking an opaline AT 8500 or the 2500 AT with white dial and rose gold hands would be a perfect addition to a very nice collection of watches.
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    Re: SOTC

    I think that the only watch you need to add to that stunning collection is the Great white gmt. Now that is a full house.!!!!
    Question for you: I have the same chronostop, just back from Ferrie Schweitzer spa. and I am thinking of a mesh for it What do you think.
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    Re: SOTC

    Quote Originally Posted by IGotId View Post
    I agree...a lighter color or white dial. AT?
    I agree. You need an opaline silver teak dial AT. Nice collection!

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