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    Source for Vintage Omega Seamaster

    I'm looking for a reliable source for an authentic and original Omega Seamaster. I prefer something from the mid-1950's in Stainless steel. It doesn't have to be mint but must restorable. Is there a trusted source for these vintage watches? I checked out, but I was told to avoid Asian dealers. This guy's payment options include accounts in Singapore and Australia and an option to wire funds via Western Union to his girlfriend in Bankok. There are several on ebay, must from outside the U.S. One fellow sells beautifully restored pieces but they fetch prices that seem to be higher than price guides suggest. I was about to pull the trigger on a watch from India but was warned against that. Whats a guy to do???

    Is there a way to compile a list of websites for trusted vintage watch merchants?

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    Re: Source for Vintage Omega Seamaster

    Try and also I must confess that I haven't purchased from these guys, but their stock seems nice, especially cool vintage watches. I was planning on buying from timeman at some point in future, but I have been told it is best to e-mail him beforehand with any and all questions you may have so that you can avoind any confusion later on. The guy who runs timeman is an ex-pat Aussie so he must be a stand-up guy.
    Good luck.


    P.S. - Sometimes, you can purchase from an eBay dealer who has decent feedback. I got lucky with a vintage Tissot Seastar last week that I got dirt-cheap. The thing was in fantastic condition when I got it. You just never know your luck in the big city.

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    Re: Source for Vintage Omega Seamaster

    The TimeZone Sales corner and the sales corner on this site are also pretty good. I have found that more Omegas tend to come up on TZ and I've personally bought two from sellers there. Both were good experiences. Like any online buying, you do need to be careful and make sure that you are buying from a trusted source.


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