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Thread: Speedmaster on an Aqua Terra

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    Re: Speedmaster on an Aqua Terra

    My blue AT came on a bracelet... I bit the bullet and bought the Omega strap with all the giblets from my AD .. then bought my black AT on the strap. The Omega rubber strap really IS that good and now I have a bracelet to share between them both if I ever feel the need. If you are going to go with the rubber strap, get the real deal and you wont be disappointed.

    As far as that Speedy on on the rubber.. I don't much care for it. Doesn't look bad but just doesn't look right to me, I think it's the decor pieces. But as long as you like it, go for it!
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    I think it looks great, nothing wrong with mixing things up a little. Think you might have a harder job trying to find a strap that dose'nt suit the speedy, not that you want to of course 👍

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    Re: Speedmaster on an Aqua Terra

    I fully expected to open this and say, "Nope, no way," but I actually really like it. It just works and it's pleasantly different. Further proof that the Speedy Pro is a strap beast.
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    Re: Speedmaster on an Aqua Terra

    Pleased with how it looks on the black rubber, although I’m considering switching back to the black/grey bond nato

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