speedmaster manual wind accuracy

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    speedmaster manual wind accuracy

    hi all, just starting to look into speedmaster moonwatch.

    given that this is a 48 hour pr manual wind does this have any effect with accuracy especially that there is a chronograph function? is the accuracy only good for 24 hours?

    how about running the chronograph on the 2nd day?

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    Re: speedmaster manual wind accuracy

    I have noticed no change in accuracy or chronograph function. I have never, however, bothered to mesure it precisely.

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    Had mine for 5 years now and it has run + 5 seconds a day with basically no variation. Even using the chrono for relativey long periods of time (usually to time 2-3 hour exams) doesnt seem to affect this. That being said, all watchs' time keeping will change as they near the end of the power reserve, so I, and most others I know, typically tend toward winding it every day.

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    Re: speedmaster manual wind accuracy

    My 3570.50 was regulated a week ago. Since that, it has lost totally 3s during a one week's period. So based on my own experiences, you should have no worries concerning Speedy pro accuracy...

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    Re: speedmaster manual wind accuracy

    Mine slows down after being fully wound (typically a few seconds over the first six hours, for instance), and speeds up as the mainspring unwinds. I've found that accuracy is best (as per instructions) when I wind it at the same time everyday, when it'll lose about 0.5s per day. It will run slightly fast over 48 hours if left unwound. From reading similar threads previously it's clear that accuracy does vary from watch to watch and also it will vary significantly based on your watch's overnight resting position (you'll have to try it to find out how your watch has been regulated.. most people report that crown up runs fastest).

    As for consistency, I've found this isn't amazing. For instance although my watch usually loses about 0.5s per day, very occasionally it'll make a much bigger jump and lose about 5s. Still haven't figured out if there's any obvious cause for it.

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