I have added a new X-33 case back to the collection signed by Space Shuttle Commander Scott Altman. I think the image created to tell his story commanding the STS-125 Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission is one of the best pictures created for the collection.

Scott "Scooter" Altman reported to the Johnson Space Center in March 1995 as an astronaut candidate. He was the pilot on STS-90 (1998) and STS-106 (2000), and the mission commander on STS-109 (2002) and STS-125 (2009). Following two years as Shuttle Branch Chief for the Astronaut Office and lead for the Cockpit Avionics Upgrade, he was assigned on temporary duty to NASA Headquarters as Deputy Director, Requirements Division of the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate. On returning to Houston, and following STS-125, he served as the Chief of the Exploration Branch of the Astronaut Office. A veteran of four space flights, Altman has logged over 51 days in space.

Learn more about the Starburst Cluster NGC 3603 incorporated into the patch above at HUBBLESITE.

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Maverick’s finger stunt double in the movie Top Gun.