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Thread: Is the Speedmaster underwhelming for many?

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    Re: Is the Speedmaster underwhelming for many?

    I like the traditional Speedmaster. I don't like those limited edition ones (like the Apollo 40th anniversary one)

    I have never had problem with winding the watch up manually. I actually wind it up every 2 days (Mon,Wed, Fri) on weeks that I wear it.

    I wind it in the morning before I put it on. Takes a big 2-6 seconds to wind it.

    The watches I find super annoying to manually wind each day are the couple of Vostoks and my Rolex 6694 because you have to unscrew the crown and then wind it and then screw the crown back down which is annoying to me because I always fear cross threading the crown.

    That said, I do wish the Speedmaster was at least 100m water resistance

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    Re: Is the Speedmaster underwhelming for many?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron521 View Post
    The Speedy was my grail for a long time. After I finally bought one, I was kind of disappointed. It was sort of like going on a date with the captain of the cheerleader team/ prom queen and discovering that she's got some annoying and even offensive personal habits.
    I think it's like leaving to go on a date with the captain of the cheerleading team only to discover that he is a retired US Air Force captain who's got some stories to tell about test flights at Nellis AFB.

    Whether that's your jam or not is a different story. ;)

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    Re: Is the Speedmaster underwhelming for many?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron521 View Post
    Admittedly, this is true, all mechanical watches do require service from time to time. However, the cost of that service varies tremendously.

    So you can buy a "fine Swiss watch" such as a Speedy, and send it in for service every 7-10 years.

    Or, you can buy an Orient (or Seiko, or Citizen, or Vostok etc) and enjoy wearing it for 10 or even 20 years, and if need be, replace the entire movement and often the entire watch for less than the cost of ONE Omega service.

    So, it comes down to NOT really being a question of whether someone can afford the service, which might average out to $100-200 per year over the life of the watch. Not exactly cheap, but within reach for almost anyone who can afford a Speedy in the first place.

    The question is actually more like "Which makes more economic sense?"
    I agree with you on the general question on the economic sense of expensive mechanical watches in general, I was merely saying this is not limited to Speedy, but it is true for all expensive mechanical watches.

    Truth is, there is nothing logical about this hobby. Spending thousands of dollar to buy the watch in the first place already doesn't make economic sense, let along paying hundreds more for every servicing down the road.

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    Re: Is the Speedmaster underwhelming for many?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron521 View Post
    I suppose my biggest problems with the watch are 1) it is vastly overpriced by the manufacturer....these sold for $225 in 1975, and while we've certainly had inflation since then, it has not been anywhere enough to bring the price to where it is. They actually SHOULD sell for around $1400. The current MSRP is artificially set high to make the product appear to be of greater quality than it actually is. The second problem is the very high cost of service every 7-10 years...many hundreds of dollars, during which time the watch is sent away and is gone for weeks at a time. This doesn't make economic sense to me. There are any number of watches that you can own for 20+ years with zero service, just wear them until they stop...and then buy an entire new watch for less than the cost of even ONE Omega service.
    I can't disagree with any of this or defend my choice. It's totally illogical, makes zero economic sense, and my Omegas are the only "luxury" anything that I've ever owned. I just know that I've always wanted one ever since I first saw them as a kid. My only consolation is that when the day comes that I decide to sell my Grail, I'll have recouped (much more than) every penny of the economic idiocy of my participation in this ridiculous hobby. That was an even sillier acquisition, but one that just happened to have appreciated significantly in value.
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    Re: Is the Speedmaster underwhelming for many?

    Any watch that doesn't hack would bother me.

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    Re: Is the Speedmaster underwhelming for many?

    I think for me its the history of the watch, the look of it, and the feeling of knowing you are part of a very large group of people who love and appreciate the speedy. I think its one of the most popular/icon watches in the watch world. Some people like knowing they have some obscure watch and they are the only one who has one. Others want a watch that is instantly recognizable. Iím the latter of the two. Also, it might be overpriced but you also have to remember you arent just paying for the materials of the watch. You pay for the marketing, development, production costs, and obviously markup. I mean the history and marketing alone is probably worth the price. A watch that went to the moon...its a marketers dream!

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    Re: Is the Speedmaster underwhelming for many?

    Iíve owned the Speedmaster professional off and on many times and I still donít know how I feel about it. Sometimes I donít like the manual winding and sometimes it doesnít bother me. Sometimes I felt like it was too boring. I feel like there are better made watches for the money but canít match the history of the moonwatch. Itís a nice watch for sure though!

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    Re: Is the Speedmaster underwhelming for many?

    I love my Speedmaster. I don't think it could be my only watch though (if I could only have one). I'd probably keep my AT if I had to live with just one.

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    Re: Is the Speedmaster underwhelming for many?

    My biggest problem with the speedmaster is its lack of any real WR. Me personally I wouldnt snorkel with one, That being said If I could score a reduced for a good price I would grab it for what it is. Simple and classic but sometimes I dont want plain. Hence me having a collection.
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    Honestly speaking I don’t think the standard speedmaster is all that it’s just a classic Omega Speedmaster. But the special editions like the CK2998 I really like because it adds color and a different look to a very classic and standard watch face.

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