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    Re: A Tough Decision

    Hey Dan,

    First of all, I hope you are well and healthy my friend.
    This is a very tough one indeed.

    My heart tells me you should keep the PO, but my heart says you should keep the Sub. The Sub is more comfortable, more versatile; the ultimate do it all everyday watch. But, as I said, my heart says you should keep the PO.

    You are the first and only owner of the PO and it really is (IMO) the best Omega in decades. After all, when were mechanical watches ever a rational choice? It’s all about the story, history and how they make you feel! In that case: keep the PO and move the Sub.

    Keep us posted and good luck!

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    Re: A Tough Decision

    Wow Dan, I didn‘t expect this to come up. As Rene said, I sincerely hope the change is a good one.

    I guess this is a head vs heart decision.

    The heart obviously says PO because you bought it new from an AD and have had it for eight years. Being an LE adds it it.

    The head says Sub, icon etc, and just one month old.

    So the natural choice is the PO. But you have said you are aware it wears a little big these days and the smaller Sub fits perfectly and looks great on Natos. Having been here long enough to know that you hate bracelets and love Natos this speaks for the Sub. I also know your wrist is as small as mine - and that my AT and 300MC had to go because they wore too big for my liking.

    If you feel a little uncomfortable with the PO now that won‘t change - regardless of LE, history etc. How often have you actually worn it since you got the five-digit Sub? And how often while you had the Speedy, the 60th LE, the small RM, the Spectre?

    I would chose the one which I enjoy seeing on my wrist every day, where I don‘t have doubts whether it is too big or not. Do you know when you could add something again, do you know whether you want to add something at all?

    Or could you perhaps have just one in the long run? I would think one-watch for a long time if I were you. And in your case, and what you have been writing here, that is the Sub.

    Good luck and cheers
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    If it were my decision, I'd keep the PO. I've never really been a Rolex fan. I think what you have to decide is whether your current feelings toward your Rolex are infatuation or legit. That's a tough one given how little time (comparatively) you've spent with it.

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    Re: A Tough Decision

    Choosing by heart and eyes, I would say - Keep that POLMLE!, but that's just my opinion.

    As per OP, looks like you are expecting some interim change in the life. If monies are important here - I would say sell PO and keep 14060.
    I guess POLMLE already had its peak, it will be rather hard to sell them in future for more than are worth now.
    14060 is safer, it is more cost-wise to keep a 5-digits sub.

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    Re: A Tough Decision

    Sub for sure. One of the all time classic watches
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    Re: A Tough Decision

    Yes this is a tough decision. Since you have bought, sold traded, and kept watches, then you may look at his from the perspective of buying another one of these if you wanted it back. The PO prices reached a plateau, and then settled back down. You could probably sell for more than you originally purchased it. The 14060M two line seems to keep rising in price. If you sold either piece and you wanted it back, which may cost more to get another one in the future? Since you are selling bikes and watches, then I may choose to sell the one that gets me the most dollars compared to what I purchased it for. My .02.

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    Re: A Tough Decision

    I hate to go against the sub but I would suggest you keep the Planet Ocean cause it would become difficult to find either choice good luck you can't go wrong.

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    Re: A Tough Decision

    Dan what is going on here? Man that is indeed a tough choice. But I would vote for the personal history you have with the PO over a watch you love (I read your post about your meticulous Sub research) but is new. I would say that as time passes you will either re-find the Sub or you will trade up the PO. But for now I would keep the Omega for sure.
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    Re: A Tough Decision

    Quote Originally Posted by TSC View Post
    You’re asking which one you should keep in an ‘OMEGA’ forum?
    In all fairness, I find most of the guy's who 'hang out' here to be pretty impartial. Even though this is (obviously) the Omega forum!
    I don't think you find this level of impartiality, over on the Rolex forum.
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    Re: A Tough Decision

    You probably already know what kind of answers you'll get on Omega forum, and I'd say keep PO LM LE. My grail watch and I believe it to be best diver watch ever. Next PO models were never as thin as this one and probably will never be. Rolexes come and go, but PO LM LE will remain the same unless Omega will decide to re-issue this limited edition with same thickness.

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