A Tough Decision
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Thread: A Tough Decision

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    A Tough Decision

    Morning All,

    So this post is the mother of all decisions. Aren't they always though?? So Joking aside, I have a bit of a conundrum. My life is moving in a different direction now and having multiples of watches, bicycles etc are being reduced to singles to help fund this change in life. I can pick up more bikes and watches when this change is complete. They're only luxury items and I've always been willing to move them on if needs be. So here is the watch issue.

    Do I keep the PO LM LE or the Submariner 14060m?

    A little history on both.

    Omega Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Limited Edition of 1948 Pieces

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    Bought from an AD back in 2011. Often referred to as "the" PO to own. A transitional model that comes with the 2500 case thickness in 42mm, with ceramic dial and liquidmetal bezel. It's the only watch I've kept hold of. I keep it on OEM rubber strap and deployant clasp and it wears beautifully. It dresses up or down with ease and the shiny aspects really help in this regard. The thickness has never been an issue, but it wears a little larger now as I'm much slimmer than I was when I bought it. Not a deal breaker but I'm aware of it.

    Rolex Submariner 14060m

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    I bought this watch last month. It's the classic Submariner. The beautiful classic case shape with slender lugs, two lines of text on the dial, no date clutter. It has an alumnium bezel insert which gives its a little shine, but it's much more understated than the PO. A classic tool watch if you like. It's also a strap monster and rocks a NATO like no other watch, except maybe a Speedmaster. It also dresses up or down easily. It wears small on the wrist and I don't notice I'm wearing it half the time.

    So which one do I keep? I know it's ultimately my decision and this one is tough. I have a little while to make my decision however.

    Thanks for reading and I wish you all a good day.

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    Re: A Tough Decision

    Thats a super hard one. Based on the fact you've been the only owner of the PO, I'd keep that. Plus its an LE that might actually become a classic.

    If there is any way to keep both, try to do it.

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    Re: A Tough Decision

    I'd also keep the Planet Ocean. Due to the length of time you have owned it, it has now become 'part of you'.
    This watch will be/is your partner as you travel life's rich journey.
    Keep the PO, Dan. That's what I'd do, anyway.
    I could stop buying watches, but I'm no quitter.

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    Re: A Tough Decision

    Man, you're not making it easy for us, are you?

    PO LM will perhaps be harder to find again if you get rid of it.

    Sub will cost you more to replace than the PO LM when the time comes, and you may have to pay that little extra to get one in good condition.
    And yes, like the Speedy, it is a strap monster.

    If it were me (and I've made some poor decisions with watches over the years), I'd shift the Sub. There are more of them out there than the 1,948 Planet Ocean Liquid Metals.

    It's a tough one, Dan, but that's what I'd do.

    Best of luck, but don't overthink it. Both are replaceable, depending on how patient you'll be.
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    Re: A Tough Decision

    sound to me like you've already talked yourself into the sub. which by the way would probably be my choice of the two,
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    Re: A Tough Decision

    That is a conundrum.

    Here are my thoughts (which are entirely subjective)....

    I always wanted a 14060, and I guess I should have bought one when they were ‘resonanably priced’ 15+ years ago. For me, it is the ultimate watch, subtle, classy, classic, bridging the gap between the classic Rolexes of the past and the current submariners (which for me are a bit too “blingy”). It’s weight, size and feel are in the sweet spot, not too big and bulky, but not dainty or delicate. It is a true ‘only watch you’ll ever need’, having the heritage and style and can be worn with a tux or wetsuit and anything in between.
    For me personally, if I had bought one back then when it was ‘affordable’ as a brand new watch, I suspect I would never have looked at other watches or joined any forums. But, given my own financial position they are too expensive now, the cost of buying a used model being 2-3 times more than that. It’s just too much to carry on my wrist. And too much to pay for a used watch. I wouldn’t want to take it on holiday and swim with it in case I damaged or lost it. I couldn’t afford/justify buying one, let alone replacing it. Maybe because the whole cost of watches has shifted I have just been priced out of ownership.

    The PO is a superb watch, arguably superior to the 14060 in terms of technology (ceramic and LM bezel, stunning AR coating on the crystal, excellent bracelet etc). It is a potential future classic no doubt. And you’ve had it from new so it’s part of who you are. You will be wearing it in photographs and at important moments in your life. If it has a sentimental value to you, you can’t put a price on that.

    But, I don’t think the Planet Ocean has the same ‘X Factor’ as the Submariner. In the future I think the Rolex will remain a truly iconic watch, and stand the test of time. Maybe that view is due to the guys in Rolex marketing being so good, the very best at what they do, but they’ve got me and a lot of other people believing it!

    So what to conclude? For me it’s down to head and heart. What does your head want, what does your heart want? When it comes to luxury items, as I said at a the beginning of this very long post(!), it’s a subjective not objective thing. After all, a few £‘s will buy a more accurate and more robust watch than either of these. So ultimately you are buying the brand and everything that comes with it. And for me personally I would have to choose the 14060.

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    Re: A Tough Decision

    The only issue I can see with that PO is the 2500c movement. However as you've had it this long, it's likely you got a good one

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    Re: A Tough Decision

    If it were me I would keep the PO. It is the far superior watch in my opinion and blows the 14060 out of the water in every measurable way. If you want a watch that can place hold and free up a bunch of cash I would say sell the 14060 and get a MKII nassau. I owned both the 14060 and Nassau at the same time until recently (sold the 14060) and it is insane how much better the MKII is.
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    Re: A Tough Decision

    Yes tough one because they are both great watches but to me the P9 LM LE is the perfect watch. It would be very tough to replace. I’d keep that one.

    That said the Rolex is a classic and a perfect solo watch so if you think this change may be long term or even permanent then you should keep the Rolex.

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    Re: A Tough Decision

    I think the PO is more visually appealing, you have full history with it being the original owner and it will hold up to wear and tear better with the ceramic bezel. It also has a date and is much less common than the sub. I'd keep the Omega.

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