Worst Omega Redial EVER??

Thread: Worst Omega Redial EVER??

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    Worst Omega Redial EVER??

    This Omega from Australia has to be on the short-list for the worst redial ever:

    Omega Constellation Chronometer Automatic Men's Watch on eBay (end time 20-Jan-11 03:56:22 GMT)

    I think the guy must have downed a few cans of CastlemaineXXXX before he started on this one.

    Fair dinkum though mate, he has put massive close-ups of the dial on there for all to be able to see it in all its magnifcent horror!
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    Re: Worst Omega Redial EVER??

    Actually, the seller is a very well-known and respected dealer of Omega parts in Australia. They are the ones who put together the (in)famous WatchCo Seamaster 300's from genuine Omega NOS replacement parts.

    They buy and sell lots of watches for parts. Every now and then a little gem turns up. Just not this time.

    I've seen much worse than this. but it does look like the dial was re-done freehand. If one can buy it cheap then get a proper redial, it could be a nice daily driver as the case and movement looks to be in pretty good shape.

    Not as bad as it looks,

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    Re: Worst Omega Redial EVER??

    Quote Originally Posted by gatorcpa View Post
    I've seen much worse than this.
    Me too. Some that look like a kindergarten student was practicing their handwriting on. Here's a sad Connie that lives in my house:

    With a nice gesture from hoi, it's got one correct part ready to be installed. It might be resurrected one day soon.

    thanks hoi!

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