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    Help Identifying

    Thinking to try this on for sale forum or eBay and just wondering if any Seiko experts can help with any info about model etc. I bought it New in UK in 1985 and it cost me £265. The day of the week is both in English and Arabic and it says Sports 100 on the face which I suppose is obvious in the photos. What I assume is the model No on the back is: 7A38-6010 followed by AO or A0 in a square. It has had a lot of use as can be seen with numerous scratches on the crystal and extensive wear on the bracelet. It was my pride and joy for a few years and is still working though the 1/10s hand and centre hand don’t re-set correctly when zeroing along with the fact that the chronic buttons are sticky & not clicking. Any info welcome as I have never seen another one like it and am led to believe it was an import model. At the time I thought it was quite a large watch, funny how times have changed.
    Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Re: You've already identified it - it's a 7A38-6010

    Apologies for the late reply, but I've only just spotted your post.

    If you want more information on your watch, simply google 7A38-6010 SAA040J
    The first result returned should be a 6-page thread on my forum which will give you all the info you might ever need ....
    Including eBay selling prices achieved by every example of this model over the last 5 years (usually condition dependent).

    I'd post a link to the thread, but the Mods don't like posters linking to other fora. Hope you find what you need there.

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    Re: Help Identifying

    I know I also can’t believe this received no response.check out spencer Klien on YouTube. And for what it’s worth I’d get it serviced and keep it, really nice watch although you’ve probably sold it by now

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    Re: Help Identifying

    That's because I hadn't spotted it before.

    But tell me: what do you think the OP will gain by checking out Spencer's YouTube channel ?
    It's there for one thing - to promote Spencer's (expensive IMHO) repair service - nothing else.
    Besides, Spencer is located in Colorado Springs, U.S.A.. The OP, like you and myself is in England.

    If he's looking for pricing or (any other information) on the 7A38-6010, there's really only one place.
    Funnily enough, I've just added another update to page 6 of that thread only about half a hour ago.

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