Help setting Date of Citizen BL8000-03a.

Thread: Help setting Date of Citizen BL8000-03a.

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    Confused Help setting Date of Citizen BL8000-03a.

    Hi everybody

    My name is John and i am new to this site. I decided to join today, some of my friends are members and they are very impressed with the amazing support of the forum. I come with a newby technical question hoping to find the answers here. I bought my second Citizen watch, the BL80000-3a. I love this watch, it is very nice and accurate. My only issue is that i haven't been able to set up the date correctly. The watch changes the date at midnight, Montreal time. The problem is that the watch is running two days ahead all the time; for example instead of Monday April 30, the watch displays Wednesday May 2. I have tried everything in the manual but i don't find the way to bring it back two days, to the real date. What can i do to set it back two days and bring it to normal? What settings should i play with and how? I'm dumb with technical aspects but i'm sure you guys can give me some steps to follow.
    Thanks a lot

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    Pull the crown one click to turn the setting dial to "Cal." Pull the crown completely out. the watch will rotate the leap year hand. Next, push the top pusher. This rotates the second hand to set the month. Push again. The day hand will rotate. Now, you can adjust the day. Push the pusher again and the day hand will wiggle. Now, you can adjust the day.

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