Parallax Distortion In Dual Curved Crystals?

Thread: Parallax Distortion In Dual Curved Crystals?

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    Parallax Distortion In Dual Curved Crystals?

    For those of you who have dual curved sapphire crystals a question. I have a JDM Blue Enamel dial piece and noted that from some angles, mostly when looking at the dial straight up, the Seiko logo appears slightly tilted between the 11 and 1 markers. Ditto for the Presage between the 7 and 5 markers. In other positions it looks just fine, fortunately when naturally looking at it on my wrist. It looks like there is some parallax distortion in the crystal. When I look through a loop at the dial itself it looks just fine. Now most of the enamel dial pieces have this crystal, and probably a few others as well. For those that have this type of crystal on their watch, do you see the same issue? I'm trying to see if this is a more general QC issue or I'm just being lucky here and should get the crystal replaced, if possible while under warrantee. Apologies for no photo, it's really hard to capture. Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Parallax Distortion In Dual Curved Crystals?

    Can’t say I’ve noticed any problems with any of my dd crystals unless I view them at silly acute angles.

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