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    Question Problem with resizing SRP309K bracelet

    I've been having some issues resizing the bracelet of my Orange Monster, SRP309.

    I did a lot of research into the matter first, but didn't find that many youtube clips on the matter, I found these by one uploader
    Clip 1
    Clip 2

    Having watches his clips though, I'm a bit doubtful how nicely that bracelet holds together.

    Here is the pin and its collar
    Name:  2015-05-10 20.07.38 HDR.jpg
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    Here I've inserted the pin and inserted the collar, with some light pushing with a hammer.
    Name:  2015-05-10 20.14.36.jpg
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    But, the collar doesn't go all the way in, which is visible here, since as you can see the collar is sticking out. (I'm pushing with a paper clip from the bottom)
    Name:  2015-05-10 20.13.04.jpg
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    Here two collars can be seen, one slightly more indented, as I used both a paper clip and a pen, trying to push inside.
    (Sorry for the bad focus, I thought the pic was ok when I looked on my phone, but the collars are visible at least)
    Name:  2015-05-10 20.17.29.jpg
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    From my little experience, having fought with these collars for a few hours, it seems the best way would actually to have two tools with ends of 1 mm in diameter (that's the measurement I managed to with my limited toolset) and push from both directions. Tool nr 1 would push the pin from the thicker side, tool nr 2 would push the collar from the other side, and since the tool would be the correct width, it should push the shoulders of the collar and not go into the collar.
    At first I thought that maybe I could use the Burgeon tool, only to discover that the end for pushing out shoulder bars is to thin. And what you push with must be completely flat, or you wouldn't get the collar completely fitted.

    I have read but I when it comes to joining links, I cannot follow the instruction there, since from my experience, the collars do not fit into the middle link at all.

    I'm a bit lost on what tools there are available for this job. Does anyone have any idea on how I could achieve "complete collar insertion" ?
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    Re: Problem with resizing SRP309K bracelet

    Follow the diagram in this thread...

    I've never adjusted a strap before and found it ridiculously easy once I found that as nothing else, vids or guides, actually shows what's going on like this does.

    You need one thin ended tool to remove the strap and poke the pin out and then two thicker ones to push the pin and the collar in at the same time. Something to hold the strap on its edge whilst you push the pins out is also useful
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