Prospex SUN021P bezel misaligned & sloppy

Thread: Prospex SUN021P bezel misaligned & sloppy

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    Prospex SUN021P bezel misaligned & sloppy

    Hey guys, did a search and didn't find anything. I have has a Sun021P for a little less than a year now and it would be a great watch if it weren't for the rotating bezel. The stops in the rotation do not align with any of the minute hashes. It's about 25 or 30 hundredths of a second off on every hash mark, just enough to be noticable. The other issue is that the clicks are extremely mushy in several areas. For example, around 35-40 seconds, I can freely spin the bezel in either direction... Almost like the teeth are ground down. Very disappointing. I purchased an 019 first, had the same problem. Returned it, purchased an 021p from a different vendor, same problem. He exchanged it, same problem. I've read that a lot of the Prospex watches have these issues.

    Is there anything I can do to fix it? I'm thinking about getting rid of it for a Marathon or Citizen.

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    Sounds like an issue with the bezel spring. My SUN045 is not as crisp as my other Seiko divers (60 vs 120?)but does not spin both directions at any point and has little backplay. My SUN bezel is misaligned, pip at zero is in between clicks..

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    Re: Prospex SUN021P bezel misaligned & sloppy

    Sounds like an issue with the bezel spring. I know that there are YouTube vids out there that deal with alignment issues but whether they’d be of any use in your case I don’t know.

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