I received a Seiko 7A28-7029 from a family member that is in good shape, and had the bracelet adjusted for my wrist at my local watch repair.

When I received it back, the large second hand was working in the normal mode, sweeping around the dial. (When I took it in, it was not sweeping)

However after playing with the chronograph a little it has stopped sweeping around, and now just rests at the 12 position.

I looked over the instruction manual online, on page 4 below, which says how to get the big second hand to back to normal time mode, but I just can't get it to work.

page 4 of this is where the instructions are

It's frustrating since I know the watch can do it, as it was doing it earlier today/yesterday, and the instructions seem clear enough.

But I can't get it to work. I'm almost embarrassed to be asking such a question but after hunting around google for more than an hour I'm getting no where.

Any pointers on what I'm doing wrong / how to do it right?

Thanks in advance


PS: I've learned a lot from this board over the last few months of lurking and appreciate the collective wisdom