Seiko M516-4009 collectors item??

Thread: Seiko M516-4009 collectors item??

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    Seiko M516-4009 collectors item??

    my uncle just hand me this watch(working condition), after i do some research, find out this is the first voice recording watch from Seiko in 1982-1983.

    To my surprise, this watch also shows/worn on the Ghostbusters movie

    anybody what is the approx value for this?

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    Re: Seiko M516-4009 collectors item??

    so like totally 80's! takes me back to jr high.

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    Re: Seiko M516-4009 collectors item??

    If I had to guess, I would say that the collectible appeal of this watch is limited. By that I mean that it is largely limited to collectors of digital watches, and then those guys who specialize in collecting "Geek" or "Gadget" digitals watches. Sadly this is a relatively small subset of the digital collectors world. there are a couple of websites out there where guys with this kind of focus congregate. try starting here:

    They will be able to point you in the right direction.

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