Seiko Presage SRPB43 vs Seiko SNKL23

Thread: Seiko Presage SRPB43 vs Seiko SNKL23

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    Seiko Presage SRPB43 vs Seiko SNKL23

    Hi guys,

    First off I must say I no watch connoisseur (I currently own a Fossel watch ) but I'm eyeing these two watches in particular.

    I'm a little confused though - why would someone buy the Presage range over the Seiko Sport 5 range? Which is more reliable of the two?

    The Sport 5 model gets rave reviews on Youtube, where guys are saying it's a "high end" killer in some circles. People also have very good things to say about the Presage SRP43.

    This will be my first automatic watch ever.

    Which model would you choose between them and why? Which do you think looks better and is more reliable? Unfortunately both these models are not available in South Africa so I'm going to have to import from Amazon if I decide to go ahead.

    Just need some advice from you guys.

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    Re: Seiko Presage SRPB43 vs Seiko SNKL23

    It's hard to compare them head to head, but the SNKL23 is a very basic automatic watch. The movement should be reliable, however it does not hack or handwind...meaning you have to shake it or wear it for a while to get it running before setting the time, and you cannot stop the seconds hand to set it right to the second. The main downside to me is the bracelet, which is just terrible, and I would throw it away rather than resize it. The SRPB43 has a hacking and handwinding movement, which is more convenient, but I don't know about reliability. The finishing quality is better, and the strap nicer. Whether or not all that is worth the price bump is up to you.

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    Re: Seiko Presage SRPB43 vs Seiko SNKL23

    The dial for the 43 is killer in person. The 23 is a great watch for the price, a very tidy package, there are plenty of other Seiko 5 variants out there that are great as well.

    The movements are essentially the same, they have the same base with the 4r36 having additional features. The reliability of these movements are pretty rock solid anyway.

    In my eyes, Srpb43 definitely the better watch, the snkl23 is fantastic value + great excuse to get some different straps. Question would be, how much do you want to spend?

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