I just wanted to pass along a suggestion for those looking for a strap option for their BFK. Also, before I get blasted for not including pictures, I'm posting this during my lunch break at work, so I'll add them later.

I purchased my SKA367 on the factory bracelet (which I really like) but with the watch's yellow face, I wanted something a bit more "sporty" and so began my quest.

The first attempt was Seiko Z20 rubber - OK, but a bit stiff. I then tried a MARATAC Zulu, the black one with the yellow stripe. This was a bit closer to my liking, but the 20mm lug spacing made the strap look disproportionately small compared to the size of the watch.

I then tried a MARATAC Elite with yellow stitching. This was even closer to my liking, but that strap is LONG. I've got 7 inch wrists and I was on the tightest notch and it was still too loose. The 24mm non-tapering width is also a bit overpowering in a way just opposite of the Zulu.

What I was really looking for was something along the same lines of the MARATAC Elite, but a bit smaller, both in width and length.

This brought me to the Hadley-Roma MS945 silicone band. It is black with yellow stitching like the MARATAC Elite, yet extremely soft and sized for normal sized wrists.

One important note to those trying this band with the BFK series - buy the 22mm version! I tried the 20mm originally and was not happy - too narrow as it tapered to 18mm at the clasp. The 22mm will fit without cutting between the lugs. It is 24mm at its widest and tapers to 20mm at the clasp.

Also, I want to recommend Freda Watch Straps - they were excellent to deal with.

Again, I will post pictures later this evening.