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    SKX007 regulation

    I have a 2 year old SKX007 that I've attempted to regulate several times. The last time about 2 months ago I was right on. It picked up a second or two during the day and lost about the same amount at night and I've always worn my watch when sleeping. For the past couple of weeks it's picking up a second or two during the day like it was originally, but now is gaining 10-20 seconds overnight while on my wrist. I don't think my sleeping habits have changed. I know that I could try it off at night and I will, but I've worn a watch to bed for 50 years. Any ideas?

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    10-20seconds gain is within spec for the 7s26 movement.

    Mechanical watches dont maintain the same accuracy over time - they sometimes fluctuate due to a variety of factors.

    So even if you regulated it, it may drift off again due to a bump or something.

    If you're after accuracy, get a quartz.

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    Re: SKX007 regulation

    I understand that the 7S can be a bit prone to wandering after it’s been regulated.

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