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I have all of the above mentioned watches except the 7002. If you like the look of the 6309-7290, the SKX173 is almost a duplicate. The SKX173 is a N. American market version of the SKX007. Yes there are a hundred differences between the 6309-7290 and SKX173, most of them under the hood. From 3 feet you will have to be a true Seiko nut to even notice. I have both and there is no noticeable difference in how they wear or feel. The 6309 might be a touch heavier. I can definitely feel the difference between my 6309 and SRP turtles.

My opinion only about the 7002. The 7002 movement started the move to full machine made, not touched by a human. The whole watch was made in factories not in Japan. It started the trend in manufacturing and takes the brunt of the hate for moving offshore by Seiko. It was reported to be full of plastic parts and no good. Someone did a tear down and compared it to a 6309 and 7S26. The 7002 had the fewer plastic parts than the 7S26. There are a lot of 7002 divers that have more corrosion on sealing surfaces than 6309s or SKXs. For me, I like the Day on my watches and the 7002 doesn't have it.

I like my older generation watches but when it comes time to hit the beach, I grab one of my newer generations. My SKX173 gets the most beach time. I just don't want to risk my older watches. My 6309 has gotten plenty of time in the water. I got it when I was 16. It has earned its scars.
That is awesome that you've had your 6309 since you were 16. The main appeal to me of the older generations is the inherited wear from someone like yourself.

Thanks for your thoughtful response on the 7002. It totally makes sense and it is the intricacies like that which make watch collecting so interesting.