A while back I was looking at the SRP 639 but now I'm having trouble finding it in stock and prices seem to have gone up. I'm really just looking for a cheap beater so I looked at the quartz shrouded divers that look similar and thought the SNP 498 might be a good option. It certainly looks nice but looking at reviews, I realized it had a plastic bezel insert which is perfectly fine but I'm not sure if it will hold up for my intended uses as an everyday watch.
Looking at other options in the category and price range, the SNJ025 "Arnie" (black and pepsi variant) came up in my searches. I'm not 100% sold on the looks, the cramped and smaller analog dial seems odd to me but I may grow to like it over time and I really prefer an aluminum insert which is my main reason for comparing this watch to the SNP.

Hoping to get some opinions from anyone who owns these watches or people considering the same purchase. Thanks