SRP637 bracelet question.
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Thread: SRP637 bracelet question.

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    SRP637 bracelet question.

    Been seriously considering picking up an SRP637 and read the review on Yeomans blog New Seiko Prospex 200m Diver – SRP637K | Yeoman's Watch Review

    But in the comments someone posted a picture of the bracelet which just looks odd, can someone please confirm if it is really like this. I can't understand why Seiko would release it like this unless they had a bunch of links left over from other models and just used them to taper the bracelet down to an 18 or 20mm clasp.

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    I can confirm. Because the monster bracelet tapers from 22mm to 18mm, it looks like that so the bracelet can be micro adjusted.

    Doesn't look so bad when it's fully in the clasp though
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    Re: SRP637 bracelet question.

    Yep its standard for it to jink down like that. The Monster does the same and it bugs some people but I can't say it bothers me.

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    Re: SRP637 bracelet question.

    Just unboxed a new SRP637, and mine has the same taper step near the clasp. It's a beautiful watch. I'm very impressed with the design, solid construction, and feel of this model.

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    Re: SRP637 bracelet question.

    same with mine. new last week. originally thought i had messed something up when removing links. i know its a well-liked bracelet for a long time. if it really bugs this many people (including myself somewhat) im wondering if there are replica monster bracelets out there. personally id like to see one with less (or no) taper.

    love the watch regardless.

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    Re: SRP637 bracelet question.

    i have never been a fan of the monster bracelet.
    so when it came time to find one for my SRP639, it had to be from its cousin the SRP227 / 229.

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