where to find h558-5000 "METAL Shrouds"

Thread: where to find h558-5000 "METAL Shrouds"

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    where to find h558-5000 "METAL Shrouds"

    I tried to post this up few weeks ago but only had 1 reply to purchase a Solar!

    So i'm trying to find the remake shroud that was out years ago made from aluminum i believe it was. I have tried the remake plastic one and it is NOT a good replacement to me..flimsy and to shiny plastic to even look close to original. I scotch brighted it and got it to look good, then it broke on me weeks later! So i want to have a more sturdy shroud.

    I'm not trying to fancy this up for resale, this watch was given to me when my father passed on and i want to get it back into shape. I've been wearing this since 87. My father only wore it for about 8 mo's from new...So i'm the one who put all the mileage on this thing! Need it to go for another lifetime when it goes to my son pretty soon!

    thanks if there's any help out there!

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    Re: where to find h558-5000 "METAL Shrouds"

    [email protected]
    Email Harold he will sort you out

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    Did you ever figure out how to get your hands on one?

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    Re: where to find h558-5000 "METAL Shrouds"

    from a quick search a guy from London made them, but the last post was 1yr ago, try to send a mail at [email protected]
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