BC3 "aviator" strap with "seatbelt"

Thread: BC3 "aviator" strap with "seatbelt"

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    BC3 "aviator" strap with "seatbelt"

    I just picked up a BC3 Advanced day/date and don't care much for the steel bracelet. Scrolling through online pics I found a guy that was selling a BC3 back in 2011 and it had a leather strap on it with what he called an aviator style leather strap with seatbelt style clasp. I have small wrists and this looks like it would fit nicely. However, I cannot seem to find one anywhere. Can anyone help me find one? I'd like black leather with stainless clasp.

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    Re: BC3 "aviator" strap with "seatbelt"

    Hi Josh, (don't quote me on this) but I think that the seatbelt style clasp was brought out a couple of years ago to go with a particular watch that celebrated some sort of aviation milestone. The clasp was supposed to resemble the seatbelt fastener of an aircraft. That is probably why you've not seen one for sale. You should be able to pick up a normal BC3 leather strap though.

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