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    Buying an Oris online

    I have been wanting a blue Aquis and after a Google search came across a very nice website of a company which says it is in San Francsiso. They are offering a great deal on a new blue Aquis. I proceeded to checkout only to stall out. When I contacted customer service I was told the watch was available at their branch in Spain and would reach me in 4-5 days. All I needed to do was do a bank transfer of funds to them in Spain! RIGHT!!!! As we say here in JAWJA, "that dog won't hunt!"

    Have others of you had this experience? I'm not sure of forum rules and don't know if I'm allowed to name the company. However, if anyone wants to PM me I will give you their name.

    Needless to say, I would not touch that company with a 10 ft pole! Cheers, Bill P.

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    Re: Buying an Oris online

    Bill, PM sent.

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    Re: Buying an Oris online

    Please do not mention the dealers name unless they are an authorized Oris dealer.


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