Help on new ProPilot stem/movement concern

Thread: Help on new ProPilot stem/movement concern

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    Help on new ProPilot stem/movement concern

    Hey everyone;

    Just received a new ProPilot Small Seconds GMT. I really like this watch, however, I have a question/concern regarding the stem/movement. The way this watch works for adjusting is to unscrew crown to position 1 for winding, position two for setting date (clockwise turn) and adjusting second time zone (counterclockwise turn), and position three for time (and has hacking movement for secondhand). When I unscrew the crown into the seated position number one it sometimes moves the GMT hand a couple of notches (which is supposed to occur in position two). This only happens occasionally. Also, when pulled out to position three for time adjustment, the second hand doesn't immediately stop. It will only stop once I start moving the crown to adjust the time. Overall the stem also feels weak.

    Is this typical with this movement? Anyone else experience something similar?

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    Re: Help on new ProPilot stem/movement concern

    Can't speak for the GMT as I don't have an Oris GMT. I believe that a SW220 lurks within - if so the crown on my Titan is a bit slappy.

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