Help sourcing a crown stem!

Thread: Help sourcing a crown stem!

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    Help sourcing a crown stem!

    Hi y'all, been awhile since I was on here. I have an Oris F1, back of the watch says 7560. The crown broke off and is gone. The watch still functions correctly, just can't adjust the time. I've already opened it up and removed the broken stem. I need to buy a new crown and stem but I can't find one anywhere and there's no way in hell I'm paying Oris the price of the watch to fix it. Any ideas? Third party crown stems that will fit?

    Also the back crystal is cracked. Any thoughts on that? Maybe measure it and buy one from Jules Borel? Would they have a gasket too? I have the tools, just not sure where to source parts, I'm so used to Seikos lol.

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    Re: Help sourcing a crown stem!

    How many watchmakers have you checked with?

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    Re: Help sourcing a crown stem!

    Take it to a watchmaker and see if they can fix it with generic parts and if so how much would it cost?

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