Help with water damage..

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    Help with water damage..

    As previously posted in watchmaking, without success..

    Before y'all say anything, I know my watch is f* beyond repair without proper servicing, I'm just trying to prevent rust and corrosion.. I've opened the back of the watch, but can't figure for the life of me what to do to release the crown and separate the mechanism from the crystal, allowing them to dry. I've attached a picture of the mechanism, please someone... help me in trying to resuscitate my baby...

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    Re: Help with water damage..

    Don't know the answer but one of these links might help....good luck:

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    Re: Help with water damage..

    Man that sucks!
    I don't know about watches, but Nikon puts lenses in hot water that have been dropped in the ocean. I think it removes the salt.
    I take pictures too...
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    Re: Help with water damage..

    Can you get some of those little desiccant bags (small tea bag in shape) that come in the packaging of electronics and shoes (for example) that prevent moisture from ruining the item that it's been packed with? I would try to find something like that to wick away the moisture in your movement. Put your movement and one of those desiccant packs in a plastic baggie until you can get the watch serviced.
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    Re: Help with water damage..

    bag of dry rice for a week or so

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    Re: Help with water damage..

    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Leblanc View Post
    ... can't figure for the life of me what to do to release the crown and separate the mechanism from the crystal, allowing them to dry.
    Press in the detent button with a toothpick. That will release the crown so you can remove it and free the movement. Blow cool air on it with a hair dryer to dry it quickly and then send it away for service.

    I'm on my phone, but from what I can see it appears the detent button is just to the right of the top of the stem in the picture.
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    Re: Help with water damage..

    Whether you sling it in a bag of rice for a few days or dry it as Brent suggests I would still send it off for a full service.

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