New Oris Paradropper strap
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Thread: New Oris Paradropper strap

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    New Oris Paradropper strap

    Hi guys! I recently acquired a Oris Paradropper watch No 231 and I accidentally damaged the Nylon strap at work. I caught it on a bit of metal and put a cut across the strap! I'm so bloody annoyed at myself for wearing it to work which I promised I would never do lol. Anyway Im going to get another Nylon/Nato band in a similar military green and was wondering if anyone knows who sells the best military straps!
    Cheers guys....

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    Re: New Oris Paradropper strap

    Iím not gonna be much help on the good straps thatíll fit the OEM clasp, but let me add one thing - donít be upset for wearing (and enjoying) you watch. They are tools that serve a purpose, and part of that is to be enjoyed! Get a new strap and just be thankful you didnít ding the case!

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    Re: New Oris Paradropper strap

    That watch deserves an OEM strap (even though it’ll probably cost). I’m with TechGuy - watches are for wearing and getting damaged is part of the risk they take giving us a lot of pleasure.
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    Re: New Oris Paradropper strap

    Quote Originally Posted by sticky View Post
    That watch deserves an OEM strap (even though itíll probably cost). Iím with TechGuy - watches are for wearing and getting damaged is part of the risk they take giving us a lot of pleasure.

    Awesome watch btw


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    Re: New Oris Paradropper strap

    I concur with the above - your Paradropper deserves and OEM strap. However, if you are to go with a NATO strap. I would go with Erika's Originals MN(TM) straps, preferably the Black Ops MN Strap with the white strip. Nice watch by the way.

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    Re: New Oris Paradropper strap

    That is a great looking watch! How has the black coating held up?

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