Oris Aquis Green Leather with Rubber strap comfort?
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Thread: Oris Aquis Green Leather with Rubber strap comfort?

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    Question Oris Aquis Green Leather with Rubber strap comfort?

    I have in my eyes a Green Aquis. It comes in black rubber, metal bracelet and brown leather with rubber on back strap.
    I am trying to decide which strap to get it in, I am familiar with the "get the metal bracelet because it is cheaper and later get the other strap" argument, but to be honest the watch with the metal bracelet is more expensive than the others, so in the end buying the watch with the bracelet is just more expensive, anyway, below my premises:
    I usually don't wear metal bracelets because I am a little obsessive and the scratches on the bracelet keep me awake at night and I have found that that most metal bracelets make most watches seem "generic". I don't want to have a gorgeous watch held back by a "common looking metal bracelet". Although Oris metal bracelets are on the "not so ordinary" side. And I have dainty less than &7inches left wrist.

    The rubber strap is extremely confortable and it has a nice on-the-go adjustment system that I just love.
    But the leather strap (which is a kind of contradiction in a diving watch, anyway) looks very nice AND it has rubber on the back of it, so it is very sweat resistant, which is super plus for me as I want to use this watch in hot days or in vacations. In the store it seemed a little stiff, so a I worried I will always be stiff due to the thickness and rubber on the strap.
    So, the question is: is this kind of leather with rubber comfortable?, does it break-in after a few days/weeks?, will it fold over my wrist or always be a little stiff?.
    I did not take a close photo of the strap, but if you are familiar with Aquis, all the recent models that come with leather have the same kind of strap.
    How do you think?, should I make the decision between the metal and the rubber instead if comfort is an issue?.

    This is the watch on the brown leather with rubber strap:
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    And this is the watch with the metal bracelet:
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    (The rubber strap version was in another shop).

    And finally, which one do you think looks better... on me? :)

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    Re: Oris Aquis Green Leather with Rubber strap comfort?

    Oris rubber and bracelets are up there with the best when it comes to comfort but I’d go for the bracelet over the other two as they keep their good looks longer.
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