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    Oris Artix Skeleton accuracy


    I just picked up my first Oris on Monday. I noticed they fall behind a lot, in matter of hours they are minutes behind the actual time. When I called the seller he transferred me to the service center and they recommended to wind them manually in case the watch didn't have enough power since I just purchased them. I did and the same thing repeated.

    I have 14 days to return them and I don't know whether to try to fix them or just return them. I love the design so much and would love to keep them, but they weren't exactly cheap and don't wanna end up with useless watch.

    The technician told me to bring them and they would service them.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: Oris Artix Skeleton accuracy

    If your watch is losing multiple minutes a day, it needs to be serviced. If you have the option to return it, I would recommend you consider that. Any Oris should keep accurate time within seconds per day, not minutes, when it is in proper running order.

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    Re: Oris Artix Skeleton accuracy

    I’m with Pete on this. Oris make a very good watch and if your’s is misbehaving from day one I’d be inclined to reject it.

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