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    Question Oris big crown pointer date.

    Hi. I hope a little input from Oris owners could help me. Just received my new Oris big crown pointer date.
    nice looking watch in blue on steel, my first automatic. Question. I have been given a watch winder free with the sale. One of good quality. Should I use the watch winder or not? I will be wearing the watch 2-3 days per week.
    The watch has a Selitta 200-1 movement. The crown is a screw down, winding at first position.
    is it recommended to pop it on a winder, when not in use, or just wind it, if the power reserve has run out and the watch is not running when you want to pop it on. There seems to be conflicting opinions on hand winding on a regular basis, that can cause damage to the push down crown? Mind you I have read that leaving it on a winder all the time is not the best idea either? Any opinions, please. Don't want to damage a nice watch by misuse. Not sure how much to wind it if it runs down. Thanks all!!

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    Re: Oris big crown pointer date.

    It depends how often your watch will die. If it’s only every few months then there is a case for giving it a wind to get things moving and letting the rotor do its job but if it will be running out of charge every few days and when you want to wear the watch it is dead then a winder may be your answer. It sounds like the latter is the case so a winder may be the answer. Look up on the Orbita database how many turns per day etc your watch needs and set the winder accordingly. See my comments about noise etc on the other post. Neither is what I would call ideal but on balance the wear and tear on the movement involving the use of a winder is probably less than screwing the crown in on a regular basis.

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