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    Oris Divers Date Braclet


    I just ordered the Oris divers date and want to change the braclet to a leather strap. And i know that its hard to find leather straps unless you custom order it.
    The thing is that im kinda low on cash atm so was thinking of buying a regular leather strap and cut it myself (a strap around 5mm thick). Would it hold? Anyone here done it?

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    Re: Oris Divers Date Braclet

    The DD is a heck of a watch. There is a very good vid on FOoF (hope the Mods don't mind me mentioning another forum) showing how to drive the pins out that hold the bracelet on. I can't really guide you on the strap issue as I've never done it myself but the jury seems to be out on whether it can be done safely. One camp says no as there would not be enough meat left on the strap and what is left would be prone to tearing and the others say nonsense get it cut and fitted.

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