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    Oris for EDC

    I recently purchased an Oris Classic Date SS and it has really reignited my passion for watches. I love automatics and Oris just hits on every note; history, mechanics, affordability, quality etc. With that said, what Oris would you all recommend for an every day wear watch that is tough and resilient? I'm currently wearing the classic I just bought but, would like something with decent water resistance and durability since the classic is a more dress/casual wear. Thanks!

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    Re: Oris for EDC

    The Aquis is a great watch, definitely give them a check. The black dial is an outstanding "any wear" option
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    Re: Oris for EDC

    I wear my ProDive Date every other day and it has given me no problems at all though the titanium clasp looks a little worse for wear in the constant desk diving battle.

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