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    Oris loud rotor

    I purchased the Carl Brashear chrono brand new online in May 2019. Immediately after receiving it and placing it on my wrist I noticed that it was very loud. It sounded like a child's plastic rattle when my wrist moved. With my arm full extended, I could hear it. I assumed that it was just an extremely loud rotor and although I found it annoying, figured it was normal and I would need to get used to it. Three days later, the chrono seconds hand became completely disengaged ( without any trauma ). Very disappointed, I sent my 3 day old watch to the service center. After receiving it back from them, I immediately noticed that the same noise ( from the rotor? ) is still happening. I am so disappointed. I have owned many watches and never had such a disappointing experience, particularly at this price point. I really don't want to send the watch back to servicing. It took about 3 months last time. Should I be worried or ignore the noise? Please help. Any thoughts? Is this noise common?

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    Re: Oris loud rotor

    The Carl Brashear Chrono has an Oris caliber 771, which is based on the Sellita SW510 and is in turn based on the ETA7750 family. The automatic rotor runs on ball bearings so they are typically louder than jewel-mounted rotors.

    That said, whether yours is "loud in a normal way" or not would be impossible to judge without actually hearing it.

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    Re: Oris loud rotor

    These movements can be noisy little tinkers. I’d take it to an experienced watchmaker and get his take on things. If he says that it’s noisier than it should be you can follow up with a warranty claim. If he says that all is well just enjoy your fantastic timepiece.

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    Re: Oris loud rotor

    Take a video with your smartphone, upload to a sharing service (YouTube, Vimeo, whatever), then share with us ? It won't be a perfect reproduction of the sound, but might give us all a better idea of what you're hearing.
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