oris pro dive screw down..

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    oris pro dive screw down..

    Do you guys have a rough screw down for your prodives? Mine is very rough and takes one hell of a beating on my fingers to get it in.. albeit it goes in still..

    Enclosed is a pic of my watch screwed down but a slit of light goes through.. is this normal?

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    Re: oris pro dive screw down..

    Mmmm! I suspect that somethings not right. The crown on my ProDive screws in easily and goes flush with the side of the watch. It sounds like you may have got yours cross threaded. Take it to a watchmaker to look at and don't get it wet because what feels to you like tight shut may actually just be a point where the threads are too tight to go any further.

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    Re: oris pro dive screw down..

    Like sticky says.

    Mine takes a twist or two to engage the threads, then screws down like butter until it's perfectly flush with the case. It sounds like yours was forced and cross threaded at some point. That should be an easy repair.

    In the future, if the crown doesn't engage the threads easily, don't force it. Instead, rotate the crown backwards (counter-clockwise) until you feel a click as the threads engage, then rotate the crown forward to screw it down.
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    Re: oris pro dive screw down..

    If you mean Pro Diver by "pro dives", then no that is not normal. Mine is very smooth and quite amazing.

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