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    Just bought my first Oris TT1 Divers Date [/URL]and is it normal that WATCH BACK (back/bottom) of the watch is facing upside down/opposite(to the WATCH FRONT)? Purchased from (no non sponsor dealers)
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    Re: Oris TT1 Divers Date question

    The DD small second is a 1000M watch with a solid back to it. Said back will have been tightened up to ensure it is WR meaning that the logo (or whatever you are using to orientate the back) could end up in any old position in relation to the dial. Just had a look at my ProDiver Date and the logo on the back of that is at about 5:30.

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    Re: Oris TT1 Divers Date question

    Yep, as sticky said, the caseback ends up where it ends up after being tightened. Here is the caseback on my Oris Aquis. Cheers, Bill P.

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