Oris TT1 Steel Bracelet screw/pin help needed.

Thread: Oris TT1 Steel Bracelet screw/pin help needed.

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    Oris TT1 Steel Bracelet screw/pin help needed.

    Hey all,

    Any direction on what size screw pin I need for my TT1 bracelet, as seen here: imgur.com/5oLPwgX

    Size? Method of replacing (screws out I assume?) Source for replacement screws?


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    Re: Oris TT1 Steel Bracelet screw/pin help needed.

    No idea what size pin you need but if you look on th centre portion of the bracelet clasp there will be a model number marked on it. Contact the service centre in your country and explain how band xxxyyyzzz has shed a bracelet link pin and you're looking to replace it - can they help? I think that the pins on these are single end slotted and screw in from 1 side, I also think they are 1.5mm.
    Once you have sourced the pin and fitted it keep an eye on it for escaping. If a good tighten won't keep it in place just the tiniest drop of low torque thread lock can be applied. Under no circumstances be tempted to use the high torque stuff.

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