Oris Watches Compared
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Thread: Oris Watches Compared

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    Oris Watches Compared

    Hi Everyone,

    I am interested in buying an Oris Watch and have been looking at a few models but struggling to understand the difference and which is the better model.

    Hoping someone can help me out with the following models:

    Oris ProDiver Chronograph
    01 774 7683 7154-Set
    01 774 7727 7154-Set

    Oris Aquis:
    01 774 7708 4154-Set RS



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    Re: Oris Watches Compared

    I like the Oris Aquis:
    01 774 7708 4154-Set RS in the photos i see it looks like it has the depth gauge?

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    Re: Oris Watches Compared

    Better model regarding aesthetics or function(s)?

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    Re: Oris Watches Compared

    Welcome to the forums! Do you want/need a chronograph? The Aquis is a solid choice...
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    Re: Oris Watches Compared

    Both are magnificent beasts but the DG is a heavy animal so even though the PDC is much larger it's easier to wear. I reckon that given a choice of the two (assuming weight wasn't an issue) I'd go for the Aquis.

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    Re: Oris Watches Compared

    Big fan of the Aquis. Has one of the best bracelets made at any price.

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    Oris Watches Compared

    My Prodiver on the rubber strap. I wear mine on rubber if it's general day to day wear, and put it on the metal strap for special occasions.

    Go for the Prodiver! - amazing watch.

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    Re: Oris Watches Compared

    "Better" is subjective relative to your preference and application. They are all exceptional. I'm a huge Oris fan, huge Aquis fan, so as far as I'm concerned you can't miss with any of these choices. Either of the Pro Divers live up to their billing as professional instruments and share a very unique safety system on the bezel that sets them apart. The Depth Gauge is pure genius and effectively brings together the two fundamental components of a dive profile (time, depth) into one analog instrument. And true to Oris form for usability and legibility the depth gauge all but disappears until you need it. All share excellent fit and finish, with one of the best bracelets on the market (at least until you decide to shell out thousands more.) And the rubber strap + extension clasp is pretty much as good as it gets. People get in a flap about the proprietary lugs and flexibility with strap changes, but between the rubber and bracelet you are covered for anything.

    That said, I would suggest that unless you are truly a diver the depth gauge feature would be largely superfluous. Cool conversation starter, great reference to Oris ingenuity. But from a day-to-day perspective you would probably get more practical value from a chronograph at which point it's a question of preferred aesthetic between the versions of the Pro Diver. If you are in fact an active diver than the Depth Gauge would be my preference given its inherent functionality.

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