Plain case back for big crown pointer??

Thread: Plain case back for big crown pointer??

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    Plain case back for big crown pointer??

    Hey everybody

    I have been left some money by my grandparents and want to remember them by buying a Big Crown Pointer 80th anniversary edition and getting the case back engraved in their memory.

    So....I have a couple of questions...

    1) Have any of you attempted to engrave / etch a sapphire case back? Good results? I am not too keen on this option as i think it will look a bit fussy.

    2) Do you know any companies that can supply a stainless steel plain case back for this watch? I found Custom Watch Concepts, but he makes sapphire case backs and not for Oris!


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    Re: Plain case back for big crown pointer??

    You should be able to get the back engraved with a laser engraver. You may have to get a watchmaker involved so he can take the back off, send it away for engraving then refit the back. Even if you manage the get it engraved without removing the back it may invalidate the warranty.

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