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    Question about the Aquis

    Hello all, let me first say thank you to all those in the Oris section. Everything I have read so far and all the different discussions show me that the Oris brand is awesome and that the people wearing them are friendly, helpful and true gentlemen. I picked up the Aquis a couple of weeks ago, love it, and had a question regarding the crown guards. I notice that there is those 2 unique looking screws that appear to hold the guards to the case, what I am also seeing is that this same piece appears to have the threads for the screw down crown attached as well. If I am seeing this correctly and this is all one piece then in theory, should the threads ever need to be replaced, does Oris just pull these screws, remove the crown and were off the races?

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    Re: Question about the Aquis

    Hi Ww, I'm thinking that someone who knows more about watchmaking than me could answer question better but at a guess the crown, crown guard and tube will all be separate pieces with the tube fixing into the case of the watch and the crown guard just fitting over it with the two fancy screws.

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