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    Question for you rubber strappers...

    I picked up this beauty from another forum member. I had to cut it down to fit my 6.5 inch wrist. The problem is I think my comfort sweet spot is between adjustments. Since I like watches more tight than loose I threw caution to the wind and cut it on the short side and have set the micro adjustment on the clasp to the bigger setting. However, its wearing just a little bit too tight. Not bad but enough that I know it will always bother me a bit.

    Is there any chance of the rubber stretching at all? Any tricks to improve comfort? I notice if I compress the watch from the top or bottom so the strap "spreads out" for a while it wears looser for a while. I know its a "stretch" to think that will help over time but figured I ask. Thanks.
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    Re: Question for you rubber strappers...

    The Oris rubber will stretch ever so ever so slightly with prolonged wear. Whether it will stretch enough is open to debate since when I say ever so slightly I mean ever so slightly.

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    Re: Question for you rubber strappers...

    Unless it's currently uber-tight against your wrist and you're wearing it on a daily basis, you probably won't get much more stretch out of it (unless, of course, you put it on a small vice with MINIMAL, prolonged outward pressure...kind of like you would do with a shoehorn to stretch a shoe). FYI (and you probably know this already)...but in addition to the 2 micro-adjustment holes on the clasp itself, there's also another 2 micro-adjustment holes on the diver's extension. If you currently have it on the tighter of the two, well, then utilizing the larger hole might just offer you that additional "give" you're looking for!

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    Re: Question for you rubber strappers...

    What I learned from my wood shop teacher in 7th grade was "measure twice, cut once." You can always cut more but can't add some back. Hopefully it stretches enough for you.
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    Re: Question for you rubber strappers...

    It will expand very slightly when hot, but I don't think it is going to be enough to give you the fit you want.

    Might have to get another strap.
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