Really? Still no blue Aquis 40mm?

Thread: Really? Still no blue Aquis 40mm?

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    Really? Still no blue Aquis 40mm?

    I just checked out the Oris USA website. They have black, grey, silver and white dialled 40mm Aquis models but still no blue dialled 40mm - neither the older blue nor the new sunburst blue. Come on, Aquis. What's going on?

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    Re: Really? Still no blue Aquis 40mm?

    It's not a massive job for Oris to make the 40mm in the same colours as the 43mm but they seem reluctant to do so.
    On a more positive note have you tried the 43mm because it wears surprisingly small.

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    Re: Really? Still no blue Aquis 40mm?

    I find it baffling as well. I've had the 43mm, but found it a bit too large. A 40mm blue would go right to the top of my list.

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