Reliable movement - fhf 96 ?

Thread: Reliable movement - fhf 96 ?

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    Reliable movement - fhf 96 ?

    Good evening all long time reader first time post! wanted some clarification over this piece I bought on ebay, was just over £20 so more than likely a mumbai special but is there any chance it is genuine and is this movement reliable, I believe it's a fhf standard cal 96 - 4 ; was thinking off wearing it as a beater?

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    Re: Reliable movement - fhf 96 ?

    I couldn’t tell you if it’s authentic or not, but for that price, it would be worth the gamble.

    That dial looks pretty cool

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    Re: Reliable movement - fhf 96 ?

    Looks very similar to my FHF ST96. Most of them were finished like yours was. According to my watchmaker, mine is a little unusual in that the main plate and bridges are gold/brass in colour.

    It’s a workhorse movement.

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    Re: Reliable movement - fhf 96 ?

    Wear it as a beater.
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