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    Stolen watches

    Hi all,

    Unfortunately, I had burglars this weekend and 2 ORIS watches (plus 2 others) were stolen.
    One particular had great sentimental value and the nearest I can get to replacing it from a sentimental perspective is to try and find a NOS model.
    It is the 7470 model and was given to me in November 1997. It is not a high end model but it means so much to me.
    Can anyone tell me if they know of a person/department within ORIS who would be able to help me?
    I realise looking for a NOS watch which is nearly 20 years old is a long-shot but I at least want to try.
    The other model was a 2005 TT1 Day Date (635-7517-41-64)

    Many thanks

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    Re: Stolen watches

    I very nearly said that I was sorry to hear of your loss only it wasn't a loss - some thieving barsteward nicked your watches. I don't know of a department within Oris that can help you. You could try contacting the sales rep for your contry and see if he can do anything for you. If you are looking for a like for like replacement the sales forum or the Bay may be you best bet. If you are looking to replace it you could try posting a "want to buy" here on the forum first.

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    Re: Stolen watches

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. That really is a shame. I hope the thief is caught and your watches are recovered.
    "The stuff that dreams are made of…" - RGM ‘801 EE Motor Barrel’

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    Re: Stolen watches

    There's a feature on the Oris website that allows you to register your watches. You should contact them and find out if they have a system for auditing the serial numbers of registered watches that get stolen, in case the ever show up for service.

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