Trigger finally pulled!
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Thread: Trigger finally pulled!

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    Trigger finally pulled!

    So... after a long, long while, over half year of researching, I've finally got a proper swiss watch.
    I've recieved it as a gift from my parents, to celebrate several things including my birthday and the end of the high school, as best in class (I did work hard for this watch...).
    It's an Oris Aquis Date with the gradient blue dial, 43mm.
    Now, I originally really wanted an IWC Ingenieur, because I've also spotted a 2nd hand one from somewhere near where I live so I can go and check it. But in the end... I just figured out pulling out this kind of money at this spesific time is not a good idea. So, since the beginning I knew that if I won't be able to score an Omega/IWC Oris will be the obvious choice.
    I mean, I've been to the local AD, I've compared the Aquis to the Aquaracer (Tag), Hydroconquest (Longines) and the Omega Seamaster. The bracelet is so much better than the Tag and Longines, the build quality feels superior as well, and generally I just like it better (Also it reminds me somewhat if the Ingenieur, except for the rotating diver's bezel). Considering the fact that both these 2 cost about 500$ more than the Oris where I live, it's just unbelieveable. Of course, the Omega was better but at x3 price I didn't expect otherwise. I was quite amazed by how close the Oris actually got to the Seamaster. So in the end, I think I've got a wonderful watch. I actually like the integrated lugs. I mean, I also liked them in the IWC Ingy, right? It's just that if the integrated lugs are a part of an amazing bracelet, I really don't mind them, as I won't be willing to switch. Later on I might grab that IWC, who knows...
    I really do like the bigger watches since I'm a rather large guy. My hands literally dwarf a Galaxy S4 for example.The Oris will serve me well.
    Now I have the Aquis as a daily wearer (seems tough and durable, although I'm careful about my belongings to extreme measures), and an old Omega that my grandfather gave me, which he bought at 1950, and it will serve me well as a dress watch (I was terrified to use it as a daily wear, it really feels fragile). I'm all set!
    Now, since it's considered a crime to not bring some pics...
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    Oh, almost forgot, my grandfather's Omega (moved to leather strap now, though):
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    My smartphone seems to make it look like the dial is stained or something. It actually has perfect color.
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    Re: Trigger finally pulled!

    Amazing Watch. Oris is next on my list!!

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    Re: Trigger finally pulled!

    By the time you've lived with it a bit you'll be even more pleased that you went Oris.

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    Re: Trigger finally pulled!

    The Aquis is amazing. Built like a tank, and the bracelet is awesome.
    That vintage Omega is super cool too.
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    Re: Trigger finally pulled!

    Congratulations! I got a blue one a couple of month ago, to celebrate my first son! He will enherrit it! Such an awesome watch! Just got the rubber as well a few weeks ago! Can highly recommend it!

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    Re: Trigger finally pulled!

    I also guess the hyper-babysitting is a usual thing for first watch like this? I mean, I guard it a lot to keep it in pristine condition. I did know bracelet scratch is something I cannot prevent when I bought the watch, that scratches will eventually happen, yet still I find myself doing whatever I can to prevent it. Oh well, I guess when I slip and some scratch shows I might ease up a little bit. I'm over-caring for my belongings as it is. At least the face will not show marks as easily.

    Also does anybody know how easy/hard is bracelet link removal in this Oris? Can it be done alone, or is it too dangerous and I should take it to a professional? Won't be a problem if I need to, really, just waiting a couple more days.
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    Re: Trigger finally pulled!

    That Oris Aquis is a beauty, as is the vintage Omega. The Oris looks great with the black bezel as well, gives it almost a vintage appeal or something. And built like a tank. Congratulations.
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    Re: Trigger finally pulled!

    The Oris blue dial is actually very very dark, more than the pictures show. It's very subtle. When I saw the pictures I thought the black bezel might not suit it, but seeing it in real life was a different thing.

    Also this Omega is very special. I literally found not even an image of an Omega that is identical to this one all over the web, and I did search a lot. My grandfather bought it at 1950. Omega doesn't make watches that look like this anymore. In nowday's terms it looks to me more like JLC than an Omega, due to the special hands shape, the clean dial and the amazing level of detail accuracy (seriously, the seconds hand ends EXACTLY where the seconds marks begins). Not to mention in house movement, of course, which is hand wound. Terrifying to wear it, though, as it feels very fragile, although the original owner didn't go easy on this watch... My grandfather went to wars with this thing. Nice story for a watch, actually, as he was in charge of communications in the army, and he says this was the most accurate watch in his entire platoon and that operations were timed by it. Stories really do wonders to vintage watches.

    Edit: So far the accuracy of this Oris is beyond my expectations, about 2 - 3 seconds gain per day. Well within COSC :)
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    Re: Trigger finally pulled!

    You made a great choice with the Aquis. I like your choice of dial color as well. Enjoy your Oris!
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    Re: Trigger finally pulled!

    Congratulations on the Oris. And your grandfather's Omega is stunning.

    As far as babying your watch, I was the same way with my first. I still remember the first time I knocked it on a door jam, my heart practically lept out of my chest. But eventually you'll learn that a great time piece, like your Oris, can certainly survive as a daily wearer.

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