TT1 crown replacement questions?

Thread: TT1 crown replacement questions?

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    TT1 crown replacement questions?

    I asked AD to send my TT1 diver to Oris repair center in Montreal.
    My Oris has the following problems:

    The crown failed to screwed in the first week after purchase. The AD replaced it for free.

    The crown failed again for second time a few weeks later. I was upset and left the watch in case for 3 years later.

    Now another AD decided to send it to repair center. Oris gave me a quote for repair around $500 before HST tax.

    Is it common for TT1 crown to fail so quickly? I am frustrated with this diver watch. I don't have any problems with Lumtec watches at all.

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    Re: TT1 crown replacement questions?

    It's just a lot of bad luck on your part as I've never had any problems with my Oris crowns (Diver Date included) nor have I heard of any problems with the DD crown.

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