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    Warranty Question

    I bought a new Aquis Date on the metal bracelet from a local AD, the next day when registering on the Oris website I noticed that the system listed my watch as the model on the rubber strap. Being surprised, I checked the watch reference number listed on the warranty card and indeed it corresponds to the model on the rubber strap. It seems the AD changed straps without informing me. Does this situation affect the warranty on the watch specifically for the bracelet? Also, is this common practice and should I be concerned? Finally, I emailed customer service the other day but got no reply for now.

    Thank you for your help!

    UPDATE: Still no reply from Oris Customer Support; however, I managed to get in touch with the head of Marketing and Sales for Oris Canada (PM me if you need contact info). I was assured that this practice of switching straps by ADs happens and it does not affect the warranty. Also, the individual was very helpful, thanked me for my purchase and seemed genuinely happy to be talking to a customer.

    P.S. Thanks for the replies guys!
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    Re: Warranty Question

    I would not think that this will have any bearing on your warranty. Many owners have both straps and change them from time to time. As long as the serial on the case matches Oris' records, you should be fine.

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    Re: Warranty Question

    It should not effect your warranty but it is something that I would get sorted out now. It will give Oris no wriggle space if you need to claim on the extended warranty with My Oris.

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